Who is Funda

Funda Mujde

Funda is a versatile cabaret artist: alert, spontaneous, obstinate and up to date. From time to time provocative on the political and social field, with of course the necessary dose of humor. All qualities, that are in fact indispensable for a cabaret artist.

Funda Müjde is known to the general public for her leading part in the award-winning movie Julia’s geheim, but as well for her parts in TV series like Medisch Centrum West, Vrouwenvleugel and Zeg ‘ns Aaaa and more recently Hallo Holland. In addition to this, she appears in the ‘Telegraaf‘ (one of leading Dutch newspapers) every Friday with her column.

She doesn’t mince her words in her own theater plays either.

In everything Funda Müjde does, she shows her social commitment. She has been living in Holland since she was seven, but she will never forget her Turkish roots. The word Müjde means good news in Turkish.

Performances of Funda are:
Cut to size, a collage of characters, who are recognizable. Sometimes they come from countries far away, but they are always close to the heart. You will certainly feel sympathetic towards them.